What is an Attic:

An attic is the indoor space under the roof at the top of a house. There are two types: finished and unfinished.

Unfinished attics are often used for storage spaces, while finished attics are livable spaces such as a master bedroom. An unfinished attic that is considered possible to be made into living space is called an expansion attic. This expands the square footage of livable space in a home and is often very desirable to homeowners.

However, the conversion can be costly as air and heat vents are needed as well as proper flooring. The ceiling height must also be considered, and in many cases, the roof must be raised which is a major renovation. Walls and windows are also needed additions in most attic conversions.

Problems occur in attics when heat or moisture accumulates. Air rises to the top, so if the heat and moisture in the air can’t escape through proper air and heat vents, it can build up and cause damage to the insulation. An attic that is properly ventilated and properly insulated will work more efficiently to keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In unfinished and unheated attics, it’s often considered best to place the insulation on the floor. No matter whether the space is finished or unfinished, however, the insulation must be thick enough to do a good job.

Before insulation is installed, experts recommend that any air leaks from the attic to the rest of the home be sealed since insulation does not adequately prevent airflow.