What we do:

We move the insulation away  and seal all penetration points through the attic floor (wiring, plumbing, ductwork, lights, fans, top plates–including all exterior walls) with closed cell spray foam. 

We also make sure proper baffles and insulation dams are in place and seal the void between the exterior wall top plate and the baffle to prevent wind washing of the insulation in this area of increased heat loss. This is neither an easy nor fun job, and you won’t find many companies willing to take on this daunting task.

We choose to because we know the results that can be obtained by properly air sealing an attic–up to 50% of conditioned (heated/cooled) air loss is due to allowing that air to easily escape your home. Fiberglass, mineral wool, & cellulose insulation do not stop air loss—insulation has to be installed in the right environment to perform.

Sometimes, it is necessary to completely remove the old existing insulation due to moisture or varmint/rodent issues.  Other times, just moving it out of our way suffices. Either way, we make sure to locate the air leaks entering your attic and properly seal them.

After these measures have been taken we install Applegate Stabilized Cellulose Insulation as required to achieve an adequate R-Value.

Another very important part of the process is stopping air entry into your basement or crawl space along the rim joist/bond area. We air-seal & insulate that area with closed cell spray foam. We also address insulating the crawlspace walls with XPS board of spray applied closed cell foam when necessary.

Picture a hot air balloon hovering above your house, collecting the warm air escaping until it’s filled up and is able to carry your home away!  No, of course this could not happen, but most people can picture this defect taking place with a normally insulated home.

We want our clients to concentrate on being comfortable in their home. And controlling the quality of the air they breathe within it.

Being  comfortable, typically helps cut down on heating/cooling costs. Let us help you ensure you’re truly comfortable in your home.

Air Sealing Your Attic


Air Sealing & Insulating Your Rim Joist